Presently, there is a good deal of debate regarding the nature of addiction. Some view it as a disease, others see it as a choice and still others conceptualize it as habit or a type of OCD. While each position seems to have merit, the suffering experienced by addicts and by their loved ones continues.

You may have come across mindfulness and acceptance-based philosophies and strategies similar ours by other health care providers and indeed they can and should be found elsewhere. What’s important to us is that they be delivered in relevant, reliable and consistent sorts of ways. Our beliefs line up well with research, which indicates that a continuity of care throughout all of the recovery process is essential.


We want to walk by your side no matter where you are in the recovery process. If you are facing an initial exploration into the possibility of soliciting help for addictive problems via outpatient, in-patient, short or long-term care, or if you are well into your recovery process, we can help. We have dedicated our lives to helping those in recovery and know that continuity and consistency of care can make an instrumental difference in the lives of those battling addiction.

We at the Counseling and Mindfulness Group believe that the notion of connection is crucial in terms of recovery efforts. Our education, training and experience has taught us that the desire or ability to connect with supportive and caring others is often a casualty of the addictive process, sometimes resulting in feelings of isolation, anger, depression and mistrust both for those facing addiction themselves and those close to them.   We therefore put a great deal of importance on the notion of helping addicts to restore their ability to trust and connect with supportive others, in meaningful ways. We believe this is imperative.

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Here’s the thing…it’s difficult to imagine that anyone would be thrilled to find themselves seeking professional help for an addiction, whether it be for themselves or a loved one. Still others have run the gamut of addiction treatment services and providers and, perhaps, have become jaded with the process and promises. We are not offering some sort of panacea and don’t pretend to be. We have, however, steered our careers and lives by our values, in an effort to be able to offer the sort of thoughtful, compassionate and research-supported addiction treatment and care that we’d want for our loved ones.

It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results. This axiom stands true for addiction treatment as well as addictive behaviors. We at The Counseling and Mindfulness Group will certainly incorporate and encourage time-honored elements of addiction treatment offered by many programs, provided they’re found to be useful and valued by our clients.   However, we reject the notion that relapse is always attributable to a lack of effort or desire for recovery. We are therefore interested in partnering with our clients to incorporate other research-supported techniques and strategies as part of their overall process in meaningful ways. The goal is to assist people to pursue their recovery goals by crafting programs likely to inspire sustained investment and desired outcomes.

As we seek to act in the best interest of any and all who reach out to us for help, we may offer recommendations to alternate providers for complimentary services as part of your experience with The Counseling and Mindfulness Group. Alternatively, it may be that you or we determine that another provider or level of care is more likely to meet your needs. In either case we will provide you with information regarding the agency or provider to whom we’re referring, our rationale for making the referral and, often, caregiver options.

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