Effective counseling founded on

Compassion. Connection. Meaning.

The Counseling and Mindfulness Group offers compassionate, skilled counseling services and authentic mindfulness instruction to individuals and groups in Northwest New Jersey.

our approach

Warm & Authentic counseling

We’re qualified, experienced, licensed, and certified mental health professionals. More importantly, we know what it means to suffer and are dedicated to helping others find their own pathways to healing. We’re not able to change the world, but together, we can change your experience in it. We at Counseling and Mindfulness Group are committed to your wellbeing. Just by being here, you’re already on your journey.

Here are some ways we can help:

Mental Health Counseling

We all need help to face and negotiate life’s challenges. Relationships, careers, life transitions, self-esteem, substance abuse, depression, and other issues can often feel unmanageable. Talking to an experienced, compassionate professional who will affirm your struggles, and help you understand the nature of your suffering can help. Learn more about the counseling options we offer by clicking the button below.

Substance abuse counseling

The suffering experienced by addicts and their loved ones can be devastating. The Counseling and Mindfulness Group has decades of experience delivering mindfulness and acceptance-based treatment interventions that have made a substantial difference in the lives of many seeking ongoing recovery.

Mindfulness Instruction

Many have come to know mindfulness practices as pathways to change. Learning to relate differently to habitual and judgmental thoughts, overwhelming feelings, and uncomfortable sensations can allow deeper engagement in our own lives. Learn more about mindfulness practices below.

A good client/therapist fit is important. When you're ready, schedule a brief phone consultation to learn more about working together.

Counseling founded on

Compassion. Connection. Meaning.

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