“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
Viktor Frankl
It’s amazing to me how much time I spend trying to make myself feel better, to be more comfortable, to find some peace…and how fleeting the fixes are. Once I get to the place I thought I wanted to be, I find somewhere else that seems better. And despite all this evidence, I do it over and over again. This time it’s going to work. This is the car that will change my life. This is the person who will make it all right. It’s exhausting. It’s like a Facebook post I saw recently:  “Been there—done that. Then, been there several times, because apparently I never learn.”  It took me a long time (a lifetime it seems) to figure out that it’s not the outside that’s the problem.  It’s the inside.  This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped searching outside, but I have started searching inside. And something is definitely changing….